RED TAILS, is a must see feature for me because the story, like that of Thomas Bethune ( the classical slave prodigy) is entertaining AND IMPORTANTI enjoy movies that enrich my life, movies that entertain, educate, move me, make me nostalgic, and yes, it’s even better when I leave a better person. Whether it’s a comedy, a romance, a thriller, an action show, I like movies where I learn something. Even if it’s as light-hearted as “HITCH” or “BEACHES” or as heavy as”SAVING PRIVATE RYAN”  or  “THE GODFATHER,” I love experiencing the archetypes of human character and the positive messages of love, courage, and romance, along with educational stories that also entertain.

The Tuskegee Airmen, trained at the Tuskegee Institute, were the military’s first black jet fighters, a fierce, capable, heroic, and skilled group of trained pilots who shot down more enemy planes than any other unit during WWII.  These were real mean, heroic figures fighting a real war, so it’s based on historical facts, just like EIGHTH WONDER.  At the turn of the century,  the blind slave Maestro Thomas Bethune, known throughout the world as “Blind Tom” was the most famous figure on earth.  These are the kinds of stories I love to experience and deserve a place in our public consciousness.

I will be there, popcorn in hand, when RED TAILS hits the theaters on January 20th!

A.M. Cal